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Elizabeth A

I'm a student at Barnard College in New York, New York. Starting on January 8th, I'll be studying abroad for the spring semester at the University of Edinburgh. This is the blog I'll be passing around for friends and family to follow my crazy travails in the dark and frozen highlands of Scotland. No doubt this blog will be filled with the kind of verbal flailing that people associate with me, it's just that my spazzing will have a more exotic backdrop!

December 2009
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(Before you wonder who this is--who the fuck else do you know who would use a corset photo in their avatar? Got it figured out? Good.)

I just wanted to say this line:
"1a. John Barrowman is sort of Scottish! But mostly he is flaming."
amused me greatly, and
"4. It's colder there. Depending on what fictional account you are reading, this can range from 'Scottish blood is bred thicker so it won't freeze as quick' cold to just 'well, it's higher latitudes than England so it's a wee bit chillier' cold."
Eli, you're going to die. I'll miss you when they find you frozen like a living statue in a corner somewhere.

Also, I've never seen Braveheart, either. Maybe we should watch it at New Years in honor of your departure. (Amanda would be pissed, though, probably.)

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